Saturday, 29 September 2012

Case File #38 - Little Dog, Big Personality

Hi Everyone,
I have had a really sad start to the week.  My dog Cola, who has been with me for almost 12 years, passed away.  I was with him until the end and it was one of the sadest things to have to do.  So this week I wanted to make a little tribute to him, not only for him, but for me.
I used the CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration Case File #38 as my inspiration.
Here are the details and the sketch:

Here is my take on the sketch and the challenge:

Because I thought Cola was so beautiful I decided to use flowers.  Not something I would usually do seeing as though he is a boy, but I love it, it was exactly what I wanted.

I used a Crafters Workshop Template - Mini Damask and Textured Paste to
raise the Damask and give some dimenstion.

I used clusters of flowers as well as some Dusty Attic Chipboard.
My background paper, was a sheet of white cardstock, I then layered newspaper over the top, and painted over it.  I distressed the edges and left some parts of the paper peeping through.  Like the word "dog" on the left.

Another textured area.

In the scroll is my journalling.  There was so much I wanted to say, so I typed it up to look like a newspaper and rolled it up, just like a newspaper.

Here is my journalling:

I tried so hard to say exactly what I wanted to say, hopefully I did a good job of it.

It was the nicest thing to do this week.  Hard as it was, it was my way of saying goodbye.

I hope they are looking after you in Doggie Heaven, Cola.

Thanks for stopping by. xoxo


  1. Oh Renee, my heart is breaking for you. I had to say goodbye to my 14 year old cat in August, and I was beside myself with grief. Your tribute to Cola is absolutely beautiful, he looked like a wonderful dog. I went to write "pet", but that word doesn't seem to really convey how much he must have meant to you.
    Big hugs xxx

  2. Dear Renee, your darling dog was so lucky to be part of your family. They bring such unconditional love that their absence leaves an enormous hole in our heart. Thank you for sharing this difficult time and I hope as time goes by that remembering will be a little easier.

  3. Renee, that is such a beautiful dedication to your beautiful Cola. He just looks so warm, loving and adorable in this picture. So hard to let go of him, but at least you have many beautiful memories to cherish! Your take on take on the challenge is amazing too. Just love the background work and how it has all come together. Such amazing talent!! xxx

  4. Hey renee... how are you sorry i have been miles away on the blog land. But here now to say you so are rocking those case files challenges and i love what you are doing with stamps. awesome work chick and keep it up!